Unique Wedding Wear

The Joy of Freedom of Choice

With the rise of same-sex marriages and partnerships, comes a whole new list of choices to worry about when it comes to choosing your wedding attire. Will you opt for the traditional suit and dress style, or decide on both wearing suits, or both wearing dresses? The choices are many and varied.

As well as the choice of outfit, consideration must go to the style of your wedding attire. Depending on the location and the season, you will have many options to choose from. From formal to casual, understated to exotic, romantic to business-like. Will you want to wear complementary outfits in the same colour, or go for opposite styles that are tied in by small details? Once you start browsing the many opportunities, you will be amazed at the individual ways people have used to celebrate their important event.

At LeonLeon, we believe that you should look and feel as great as you can on your wedding day, and our custom-made wedding attire will guarantee that your day is as unique and special as you are. Take a look at our various options and start dreaming of your perfect wedding today!