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Find the best custom gay wedding suits for your special day at leonLeon

Planning your gay wedding but not sure what to wear on your big day? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Gay weddings bring a whole new level of decisions to the fore about how to dress on the day. Some gay couples prefer to stick as close to tradition as possible, with one partner wearing a white or light-coloured suit and the other opting for a formal dark colour, but if you have other ideas that is cool too – in fact anything goes on your special day as long as you are happy about it!

If you opt to choose your outfits together, there won’t be a big reveal on the day as you will both know what the other will be wearing. This may do away with the element of surprise, but it does mean you can fine-tune your wedding suits to match, contrast or complement each other for the event.

Getting your gay wedding suits custom-made may seem like an investment, but the perfect fit and comfortable feel will shine through on the day, and of course there is nothing to say you cannot use your suits again for other events at a later date if you so wish. Talk to the experts at LeonLeon about all the possibilities for your gay wedding suits today.


Below you find some examples of our wedding wear for men. All our garments feel like made to measure, but with a friendlier pricetag.

Suits from         € 900
Jackets from    € 550
Pants from        € 200