Three-piece suit

Black lace suit


Waistcoat Basket

Lace shirt

Three-piece checkered

Jungle suit black


Men’s suits

A times finding a good suit is a challenge. You want to look your best, in tune with the trends and still feel comfortable. At LeonLeon we understand that. With made to measure, you actually become the best version of yourself. Our signature V-shape makes you look athletic. .

Whether you prefer a traditional black tux or a suit with a twist, we help you to find the perfect suit that will make you look as if you are a regular in the gym. A suit that makes you feel on top of the world all day.

Above all, we make sure the clothes fit perfectly: It’s all in the tailoring. When you feel uncomfortable, you probably look uncomfortable. If a slim cut isn’t right, don’t force it. There are plenty of other choices, going for perfection is great but you still want to feel comfortable.

Sometimes you look for a special suit for your wedding. As we are unique in advising both grooms and brides, we can help all couples, being straight or gay, to dress for their wedding in a coordinated way.

Getting your suits made-to-measure may seem like an investment, but the perfect fit and comfortable feel will shine through on the day and special occasions. Talk to the experts at LeonLeon about all the possibilities for your suits today and contact us via

Above you find some examples of our tailored suits.
Suits from €995
Jackets from €795
Pants from €295

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