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Suits for women

Sometimes you just want to wear a suit instead of a dress. When it is perfectly tailored to your body, it gives you a sense of power while still feeling feminin. On top it looks very sexy!  At LeonLeon we understand that. Sharp tailoring for women is one of our specialties.

Wether you are looking for a suit for business, fun or a suit that mirrors the outfit of your partner when you are getting married, we help you get your perfect suit.
Selecting a bridal suit will give you ample opportunities. As we are unique in advising both grooms and brides, we can help all couples to dress in a coordinated way.

In line with your own preferences, we guide you through the process from choosing the look to the final result. In the end you just want to look smart, sexy and fabulous.

Talk to the experts at LeonLeon about the endless possibilities of the suit you always wanted…

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