Two girls tying the knot – so who gets to wear the dress?

With the advance of lesbian, gay, and transgender weddings and partnerships, many of the well-known traditional wedding customs have bitten the dust. In same-sex relationships, far fewer couples opt for traditions such as asking for the father’s permission, getting engaged, or even spending the night before the wedding apart – but the issue of what to wear on the day is still as big as ever. So, what are the options?

Two women getting hitched have a unique number of possibilities when it comes to dressing up for their big day. Some still opt for the traditional style, with one partner dressed in a traditional wedding dress and the other wearing a formal suit, but there are many other styles that are beginning to become traditional in their own tight.

  1. The Double Dress

If you both fancy wearing a beautiful wedding dress on the day, go for it! Your possibilities are endless, and you can choose to buy ready-made dresses or have your own individual creations styled for the event. Options include identical dresses in different colours, different dress styles in the same colour, dresses that complement each other in their choice of accessories and finishing touches, or unique and individual dresses that show off each partner’s style and personality.

  1. Tuxedo Junction

For women who prefer a more masculine look, the tuxedo is the ultimate wedding attire. For years, getting a tux to fit a woman was a real struggle, but luckily menswear is having a moment in female fashion and at the same time, more and more designers are meeting the needs of lesbian couples with suits and tuxedos that are tailored for a woman’s body. Having your outfit custom made means you can have softer colours, shorter jackets, and outfits that fit in all the right places!

  1. Casual Chicks

Maybe neither the idea of a dress or that of a formal suit appeals to you. Not to worry, you can still shine and stand out from the crowd on your special occasion. Simply decide on a style that is comfortable for both of you and match your outfits by choosing colours or patterns that sit well with both of you – casual shirts with braces and bow ties, different outfits made from the same material – the choices are varied.


Of course, this is just a small portion of the many styles that you can choose for your special day. If one or both of you wear a uniform for work, that may be your choice of attire. Get inspiration from the web or talk to specialist wedding tailors about how to transform your ideas into reality.

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