Our craftsmanship

We have to admit it, we love couture. The exclusive materials, the attention to the details, the absolutely perfect fit. We have been couture for years. We know all the secrets. It is a dream world that is reserved for few.

We could just continue making couture for the ‘happy few’, but we find it a challenge to make more people happy with beautiful, perfectly fitting clothes. With that in mind, we started LeonLeon made to measure, where we use all of our couture knowledge and experience for made to measure designs that are accessible to a larger group of people. Clothes in which you not only look beautiful, but in which you also feel fantastic (and sexy).

Part of our work is catering to all kind of couples.
With us everyone is welcome.
Come with family, friends or with your partner and we provide the perfect outfit.

Leon Klaassen-Bos

Creative Director

Leon Klaassen Bos

Leon has been making clothes all his life. Winning a national fashion design competition gave him the opportunity to start his own clothing line at the age of 19. After studying at the couture academy in Amsterdam and an internship with couturier Frank Govers, he went deeper into couture. In the mid-1990s Leon worked for several fashion houses in Paris, including Yves Saint Laurent. On his return to Amsterdam he started his own couture label: Atelier LeonLeon.

Since 2014 he has been teaching masterclasses at the Meestercoupeur program in Amsterdam and he designs bridal collection for Bridal Star. LeonLeon wedding wear, where couture is translated into accessible tailor-made wedding and party wear, is a logical next step.

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