What the LeonLeon brand stands for

What it actually means is the hard part. But we had great help. In the past, when Nokia was still the world’s largest mobile phone producer, I worked with Sandy Dunlop. He is a former brand [...]

Marriage equality for straight couples

When thinking of wedding attire, the androgynous look could be an inspiration for everybody – gay and straight – looking for a new, more contemporary look. Take Jolie-Pitt as an example, [...]

Coming out

I actually never had a proper ‘coming-out’. At the time when I came fully aware of me being gay, I never had the need to explain myself, or better yet, justify myself for being gay. I just [...]

Two girls tying the knot – so who gets to wear the dress?

With the advance of lesbian, gay, and transgender weddings and partnerships, many of the well-known traditional wedding customs have bitten the dust. In same-sex relationships, far fewer couples [...]

Which outfit should I wear for my gay wedding?

Help – what should I wear for my gay wedding? Congratulations, you have decided to get married! You’ve picked the date, told your family and friends, and even got as far as discussing the [...]